Weather Information


School Closing Information

It is that time of year when winter weather may have a determining effect on our school day.  We will do our best to notify parents/guardians of school closings in a reasonable time.  It is important to understand that we have a lot of young students that have working parents/guardians and would be unsupervised during the day if and when we decide to close school.  Perkins-Tryon will always keep our students safety and well being as a priority.  We trust you to use your own discretion if you believe it is unsafe for your child to ride the bus and attend school in inclement weather.  If the decision concerning school closings can be made early it will be on the 10:00 p.m. news.  If not please check for school closings on the morning news.  Television channels KFOR (4); KOCO (5); KWTV (9); and KOKH (25) will be notified of any closings or schedule changes. You may also tune into Stillwater radio stations: 93.7 KSPI FM; 101.1 FM; 105.5 FM; and 780 AM.