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Perkins-Tryon District Charge Policy

School food services are available in each attendance center. Menus are planned to provide nutritious and well balanced meals that offer a variety of foods. Meals are planned on a nine-week cycle and are constantly reviewed. All meals meet the requirements as established by the State Department of Education and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Good nutrition is to a child's health as reading is to education. Good food habits have a direct bearing on the health of a child: that health, in turn, has a direct bearing on a child’s ability to learn.

The lunch count for each day is to be made by 9:15 a.m. Each child will have a meal account set up. Children at all sites can be set up with a family account in which they will share the available balance, upon request. Reminders are sent home weekly stating the account balance. A student will be able to charge meals the equivalent of five lunch meals per child at the current rate on their account. If money isn't applied to the account, an alternate lunch will be served at no charge. Sack lunches may be brought by the students. All accounts can be viewed and or payments made on line at www.EZSchoolPay.com, easily accessed on the P-T web site through the child nutrition page. All you need to set up an account is your child's student number issued by the school enrollment. A transaction fee is charged on payments made to the account.

Scanner meal cards are available for student use. Any student may pick up a scanner card in the cafeteria and deposit money in their cafeteria account. The card may then be used on either the main or ala carte line (where available) for either breakfast or lunch. If a student loses or damages his/her card, the card will be replaced free of charge the first time. If the student losses or damages his/her card a second time, the cost of replacing the card will be $3. If a student leaves the district with a positive balance, refunds must be requested in writing by parents and a check will be mailed. All money left in the account with no request for refund within thirty days will be considered a gift to the child nutrition program.

Families are encouraged to complete an application for free/reduced meals. You should receive an application with your registration packet the first day of school. You can also pick one up in the office or cafeteria at any time. If you qualify for free or reduced priced meals and do not want to take advantage of this program, let the cafeteria know and they will take care of it. There are several programs in our school that are dependent on the number of approved free/reduced applications we receive. All information on applications is confidential.

The School Food Service Department encourages parents to visit the schools and have lunch with their children at various times during the year. We do ask that you notify the office the morning that you plan to visit so we may have an accurate lunch count.

All students with food allergies or special needs must have a signed physician statement before changes in the meal can be made. Forms must be updated each year and given to the cafeteria staff.


Walk quietly to the cafeteria. Remember silverware and milk when going through the serving line. Talk in soft voices. Practice good table manners. Please leave a clean table and floor for the next class.

Any behavior resulting in a disturbance or mess in the cafeteria may result in the student being subject to disciplinary action. Theft from the cafeteria will not be tolerated and the student will be subject to suspension.

Board updated 6-1-15; 6-5-17