Bond Transparency Act of 2017

Evidence of Indebtedness Form


Name of School District:               ISD #56 Payne County, OK (Perkins-Tryon Public Schools)

Address:                                      P.O. Box 549

                                                    Perkins, OK 74059


Date of New Bond Election:         February 13, 2018

Amount of New Bond Election:    $16,500,000                                                                     

Projects to be completed with New Bond Election Proceeds:

Construct, equip and furnish a new upper elementary building to include but not be limited to classrooms, offices, restrooms, cafeteria/saferoom, media center and gym; acquire technology equipment throughout the district; acquire new security equipment; upgrade the high school gymnasium bleachers and HVAC; resurface the existing track; acquire band equipment; and acquire student transportation equipment                                                           


Amount of bonds outstanding from previous bond election(s): $7,515,000 left to be paid off                    

Previous Bond election date(s): March 1, 2011 and August 26, 2008                                         

Projects from previous bond election(s):

Construct, equip and furnish a new classroom addition and multi-purpose area the elementary school; and acquire student transportation equipment; Construct, equip and furnish a fine arts addition to the High School; construct, equip and furnish a junior high classroom addition

If real property is included, provide street address:

High School improvements at: 1003 E. Highway 33, Perkins, OK 74059

Middle School improvements at: 390 W. Kenworthy, Perkins, OK 74039

Elementary School improvements at: 1008 E. Kirk, Perkins, OK 74059

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